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26 September, 2021

My name is Naduni Navodya Witharana. I am in Grade 7 at the Prajapathi Gothami Girls’ College.

I am very happy to have a sister. Her name is Chathumi Minodya Witharana and she is in Grade 3.

My mother’s name is Chandima Wijesiri Pathirana and my father is Nihal Witharana. Both my parents are Development Officers.

I live in a beautiful village called Kolamadiriya.

My favourite colour is orange and my favourite book is Ape gama by Martin Wickramesinghe.

My parents love me and my sister very much.

I want to be an engineer.


Naduni Navodya Witharana

Grade 7 Prajapathi Gothami Girls’ College