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Aitken Spence ranked among ‘Most respected entities’

17 October, 2021
The Aitken Spence team
The Aitken Spence team

Aitken Spence PLC was ranked among the top 15 in the Most Respected of the nation’s most admired corporations for 2021. The annual ranking is by LMD through an exclusive survey conducted by NielsenIQ’s to gauge peer perceptions based on a weighted ranking system.

Amid a business climate dampened by uncertainty, Aitken Spence moved up a position in its rankings and is widely recognised as a catalyst in the country’s social economic progress.

With more than 150 years of experience, the Group engages in pioneering ventures in key sectors of the economy viz. tourism, maritime and logistics, energy, plantations, apparel, and other services. Driven by a team of over 12,000 employees, Aitken Spence has a dominant presence due to its diverse business portfolio in 8 countries enabling the company to create sustainable value. Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Aitken Spence PLC Dr. ParakramaDissanayake said, “We thank everyone who placed their trust and helped us especially during these challenging times.

As in the past, Aitken Spence will continue to navigate through times of complexity and change to bring endless possibilities to our people and to our different communities.

“The company believes that the cornerstones of a respectable corporate entity are trust, accountability, viability, transparency, integrity, and team spirit.

It is how the business operates and creates value for all stakeholders. In the new era of change, respect is determined by an organisation’s agility, adaptability, and capacity to turn daunting challenges into a positive change while staying true to the values of the organisation,” he said.