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Sri Lankans can now taste the new Coke Zero

17 October, 2021

Coca-Cola in Sri Lanka has launched the new Coca-Cola Zero with an even more delicious and refreshing recipe and bold, new packaging to deliver a taste that brings consumers even closer to the iconic classic Coke. Sri Lankan consumers can now enjoy the taste of the new Coke Zero with zero sugar or calories.

Coca-Cola Zero was launched globally in 2005 and reformulated in 2017 to align the taste closer to the classic taste of Coca-Cola. While all listed ingredients and nutritional information remain the same, the new Coca-Cola Zero recipe has bridged the gap even further, enabling Coke fans to enjoy their favourite beverage and embrace a balanced lifestyle.

Managing Director of Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka, Mayank Arora said, “Coke Zero has tasted great success across the world and here in Sri Lanka. We are pleased with the strong consumer response to Coke Zero since its launch in Sri Lanka a few years ago. It is the perfect beverage for today’s youth who actively seek a balanced lifestyle without having to worry about what they consume.

“It is also ideally suited for young adults who are looking for greater choice and variation which will complement their busy lifestyles while not compromising on how they enjoy their lives with their friends, families and colleagues. With the introduction of this new Coke Zero we are giving consumers a beverage that is even closer to the classic Coke taste,” he said.

Managing Director of Coca-Cola Sri Lanka (Pvt) Limited, Pankaj Sinha said, “The Coca-Cola Company’s strategy is to offer a broad portfolio of beverages that fit a variety of tastes and lifestyles. We have kept challenging ourselves, innovating and differentiating, to serve the changing consumer needs, better. The consumer landscape is always evolving, which means we must transform to stay ahead.