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First Capital Treasuries to launch IPO

24 October, 2021

First Capital Treasuries PLC is due to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) next month subject to regulatory approval.

The IPO will offer 7,695,000 ordinary voting shares to the public. The IPO price of Rs. 39.00 per share offers an immediate upside of 15% to 19% to an incoming investor given the value range of Rs. 46.00 to Rs. 48.00 per Share; derived as per the independent valuation carried out by E&Y Transaction Advisory Services (Pvt) Limited.

The Issue is managed by the Corporate Finance Division of First Capital Limited. Director and Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries, Dilshan Wirasekara said, “The decision to list First Capital Treasuries on the Diri Savi Board is part of the Company’s strategy to create liquidity for our shares, broad-base the ownership and to further enhance our brand identity.”