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Increasing destruction of the environment

24 October, 2021

The environment is one of the beautiful things in the world. The major part of the environment is nature. A long time ago, nature was created step by step and animals, trees, waterfalls and rivers came to be in this world.

People who lived in ancient times protected nature as if it was their life. The Mahavamsa which records our history and culture states that the people in those days regarded nature as a religion.

These people hunted animals only for their food They cut trees only for essential things such as building their houses or to use as shelters.

Ancient people loved nature and made it a part of their life. They planted trees and did not pollute water. They always protected nature.

It is sad that later generations including this generation do not show much consideration towards nature or the environment.


Amanda Gamage

Grade 11

Ananda Central College