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Keep a close eye on LG Reps - Election Commission

24 October, 2021

The Election Commission has directed the Provincial Governors to keep a watchful eye on the conduct of certain Local Government representatives.

Recent trends in their behaviour have led to a decline in public trust in representative democracy in the country, elected public representatives and the functioning of Local Government institutions, the election body stated. It is in the public interest that such incidents are investigated and disciplinary action taken, the Election Commission stated, adding that political party Secretaries who represent Local Government bodies should also pay attention to the matter.

In accordance with the powers vested in them, the Provincial Governors have been instructed to take disciplinary action against Local Government representatives displaying unruly conduct.

The media has highlighted several instances of members of Local Government bodies engaged in fisticuffs during sessions in recent months. A similar clash of ruling party members of the Maharagama UC received much publicity on social and mainstream media in May.