Vaccination vital, come what may - Dr. Jude Jayamaha | Sunday Observer

Vaccination vital, come what may - Dr. Jude Jayamaha

24 October, 2021
Dr. Jude Jayamaha
Dr. Jude Jayamaha

Vaccination against Covid-19 is very important, no matter which variant comes in the future. Though the Delta Plus variant has not been reported in Sri Lanka so far, Sri Lanka must pay attention to this possible threat, Consultant Medical Virologist of the National Influenza Centre, Department of Virology, Medical Research Institute (MRI), Colombo, Dr. Jude Jayamaha said.

He told a press briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo on Friday that at present a group of countries is conducting research on the Delta Plus to find out whether it will become strong and dominant or become weak and fade away.

Dr. Jayamaha said that the Delta Plus variant is 10 percent more transmissible than the Delta variant and that people should follow all health guidelines, at all times, because the threat is still there like fire under the ashes. Ignoring them will be similar to adding fuel to fire. Spraying various disinfectants and contaminants in school premises is a useless act because the Covid-19 virus is not in schools which had been closed for a long time. Spraying them on the floor or in public places is also useless.

What all should pay attention to is cleaning all dengue mosquito breeding sites in and around schools, he said.