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Big or Small

21 November, 2021

It was a school holiday.Little Maya woke up early in the morning. She ran to the jungle nearby to talk with the animals. She searched for her animal friends but she could not find them.

She said “I am exhausted. Now, I want to rest”. She sat on a huge rock near the river. She heard a little deer crying and it was stuck in the mud near the river. There was a frog and a wasp near the deer and they were planning how to get the baby deer out of the sticky mud.

The frog said” Dear friend,we can’t save the baby deer. We are also small. The wasp said, No, dear friend, we may be small but we can do anything if we work hard’.

Little Maya was amazed to hear this. The two little animals brought a strong rope from the jungle and they tied one end around a rock. They pulled the rope and the baby deer was free. The baby deer happily ran to its mother. Then little Maya understood that however small you are you can do anything if you work hard.

The next day Maya got ready to go to school. She got her bag and went to school. In the class, Maya’s teacher said to write an essay on a topic of the students’ interest. She also said she will choose the best topic.

Maya remembered the dialogue of the frog and the wasp. She wrote an essay about “You may be small but you can do anything if you work hard”.

The teacher selected Maya’s essay as the best.Maya felt very happy. The teacher said how important Maya’s essay was and that it is true that working hard will help you to do anything. Let’s work hard to win in life.

Osandi Opara Kannangara
Grade 4 A
Gamini National School