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World Food Day

21 November, 2021

The World Food Day is celebrated on October 16. You may have seen when you walk on the streets that many beggars are there asking for food. This is because they don’t have enough money to buy food.

So, it is your duty to give them a little money for food. Think, if you had no money and had to starve for a whole day, how would that be? You also know that you or your family members throw food away. This isn’t a good habit.

If you see someone going to throw food stop them and tell them to give it to a beggar or an animal which is hungry. But the main thing is if you take a certain amount of food you have to eat it. Otherwise, take a smaller amount of food.

The best thing is not to waste our food and share it with people who are hungry.

Malsha Lily Herath
Grade 5 C
Matale International School