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The importance of water

28 November, 2021

Water is one of the basic needs of human beings. We need water for the proper functioning of the body. Not only that, we also need water to do many other vital activities, such as drinking, washing, cooking, bathing and agriculture. etc.

Water gives life to plants. Why do we need water? Ninety percent of the blood in our body is water. So, it helps transport different substances throughout the body, but a large amount of water is lost on hot days by sweating. We need to replace the water. This is not only for humans, but also for plants.

The fertiliser and other minerals in the soil are dissolved in water so that they are easily absorbed by the plants and roots in other parts of the planet. All the peop leon this planet should protect this valuable gift of nature.

But many people pollute this valuable resource by adding garbage by washing animals in water ways, adding and adding chemicals, to them.. Water is our life. Together, we must protect this valuableresource, water.

Dinithi Kumaragama

Grade 10

Our Lady of Victories Convent Moratuwa.