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Phrasal verbs

28 November, 2021

Phrasal verbs are an important feature of the English language. The meaning of a phrasal verb often bears no relation to the meaning of either the verb or the particle which is used with it. Many phrasal verbs have several different meanings.

Guard against (try to prevent something from happening)
You should guard against the temptation to socialise when you should be studying.
Guess at (try to imagine when you have little knowledge or little experience of it)
You can guess at the difficulties a blind man might encounter.
Gum up (prevent a system from working properly)
The strikers have managed to gum up production at the factory.
Gun down (shoot someone and kill or seriously injure them)
The drug dealer was gunned down in front of his family members.
Gun for (try to harm or cause trouble for someone)
Daniel is gunning for me ever since I got the promotion he desired.
Gutter out (when a candle gutters out its flame becomes weaker)
All the candles are guttering out.
Hack into (get into someone else’s computer system in order to do something illegal)
Rex managed to hack into some top secret data in his company.
Hail from (to have been born in or to come from a particular place)
Dick hails from a remote village in the Southern Province.
Hammer away at (work very hard at something for a long period of time)
George has been hammering away at his project report for two weeks.
Hammer into (repeat something again and again, in order to make someone understand it)
Logic is a difficult subject that has to be hammered into students.
Hammer out (talk or argue a lot about something until you agree with each other)
The lawyers had to hammer out an agreement to satisfy both parties.
Hand around (offer something to each person in a group)
I was asked to hand around the snacks to the guests.
Hand back (give something back to the person who gave it)
I am not going to hand back the photographs to you.
Hand down (give something to someone who will be alive after your death)
Most traditions are handed down from generation to generation.
Hand in (give a piece of writing to a teacher)
Your essays must be handed in on time.