Sinharaja | Sunday Observer


28 November, 2021

There are different forests in my little country, Sri Lanka. Yala, Wilpattu, Sinharaja and Udawalawa are some of them. Sinharaja is the biggest rainforest in this country. It is the first World Heritage forest in Sri Lanka.

This forest at its lowest is 270 metres above sea level. Its highest point is 1,060 metres. Sinharaja’s tallest hill is Hinipitigala. Its peak is 1,170 metres high.

Many streams start from the high grounds of Sinharaja and fall into bigger rivers. There is a small waterfall, called Duhuvilli Ella. Perhaps it is named after the dust like spray of the waterfall. The rainfall in the area is high throughout the year. It makes the waterways rush and gush adding beauty to the forest.

There are birds and animals but it is the trees, the plants and the flowers that attract nature lovers the most. It is home to elephants, leopards, deer and sambhur. It has given protection to the bees, birds and butterflies.

Visitors are welcome as long as they go in, leave nothing behind and take nothing except the wonderful memories of Sinharaja. We are really proud of this green land.


Pasindi Anupama

Grade 8

Sri Sumangala G.S.,