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Pushpika lends a helping hand

5 December, 2021

Beauty pageants today have become a much talked about topic, not for better but for worse. Although we see pageants and queens, little do we see the most important outcome of those pageants, which is contribution to society.

Today, the pageant industry has taken a drastic turn with the involvement of incapable persons seeking attention and a quick buck. Among these many, we find a few persons who have grasped the essence of true pageantry.

Pushpika De Silva, Mrs. Sri Lanka World 2021, vying for Mrs. World 2022, is heading towards a positive direction with the hope of regaining the lost glory of Sri Lanka at the Mrs. World stage, with her Lend a Helping Hand campaign.

Pushpika said, “This campaign is dear to me. With the very meaning of the title, I am extending my helping hand to my fellow brothers and sisters in need at a time when our very existence has become a huge question and people battling for daily survival. This is a timely and a relevant topic for today’s society. With the pandemic running rampant, we as a country and society, are even unsure of the tomorrows of many! So my campaign Lend a Helping Hand invites everyone to think of each other at this time of crisis.”

Pushpika has also embarked on another project to build a home for a family in the Kalutara district. A family of four had been living in dire circumstances when Pushpika identified their needs. The foundation stone for a house was laid by Pushpika and construction work began.

According to Pushpika, this project too is close to her heart. She believes she could make a difference, though small. She said, “It’s the start that’s difficult. Once I start something, I ensure that I see the finish line. This project is dear to me as I know the value of a family and a home, of parents and children sharing a space of love and safety together.”

Pushpika added that she would continue her good deeds through her Lend a Helping Hand campaign and bring back the lost glory of Sri Lanka at the Mrs. World Pageant in January 2022.