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Yehali Tashiya explores showbiz scene in Pakistan

5 December, 2021

Despite the scary uncertainties surrounding every industry due to the global pandemic, this year has brought pride, fame and happiness for the Sri Lankan art and music industry with two unique young ladies: Yohani and Yehali who became exceptions by taking the Sri Lankan identity to the international arena.

This week, the Youth Observer features the latter - Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa, an actress who has become a household name in the island. Yehali, a young lass who is still schooling and is expected to sit for the Advanced Level examination in 2023 became the recent most talked about among Sri Lankan and Pakistani drama enthusiasts following her selection to act in a drama series to be shot and telecast in Pakistan.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan are two friendly nations in South Asia with unique histories, promoting regional cooperation through SAARC. Before this unique opportunity Yehali received in Pakistan, award winning veteran actress Sabeetha Perera entered into the showbiz of Pakistan where she is still popular among its theatre goers.

Yehali in an interview with popular actor and presenter Kelum Wijesuriya joyfully expressed as to how she got this remarkable opportunity of acting in a Pakistani tele series. As said by Yehali, Col. Rohana Wickramasinghe, a friend of her father had told them about an opportunity for acting in a tele series in Pakistan of which the script is centrally based on the young girls, receiving training to be the military officers. Yehali, as advised by her mother sent in her bio-data.

Dialogues in Urdu

She was contacted by the director of the tele series via zoom technology. As the drama runs in the Urdu language, Yehali was asked to voice a few dialogues in Urdu in a video clip which she sent to the director. Within a few days, to her utter surprise, she was told that she got selected.

Sharing her thoughts with Kelum, regarding her being selected to act in this South Asian drama, she said that it was an amazing, unforgettable and treasured memory in her life.

Yehali said, “Joined by my mother, I flew over to Pakistan. My mother and I were received by a Colonel and several guys, involved with the production team of the tele series”.

She said that following a few days of rest, she got involved with shooting which was initially done in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Most of the shooting was done in the Pakistani military academy while having a short stint of shooting in Karachi too.

Friendly support

Yehali said that albeit she initially did not know Urdu, later on, she managed to speak in a way where it was not mispronounced. “I even read those dialogues by heart. Everybody involved with the drama supported me in the correct pronunciation of Urdu in the best way possible. Everybody, while being supportive, became very friendly with me. Those artistes who contributed in acting are quite popular and renowned people. I greatly appreciate the support that they gave me”.

Yehali detailed the most exciting and adventurous experiences that she gained while shooting the drama. She said, “We got the military training too. It was exciting and amazing. Flown by helicopters and being in a parachute was such a wonderful and exciting feeling. Even now, I fondly recollect those beautiful memories.”

Yehali said that Pakistan is as a whole such a beautiful country with eye catching places.

The locations selected for shooting were not exceptions. Yehali recalled her memory on her first encounter with snow in Pakistan.

The teledrama, “Women of Steel”, consisting of 26 episodes was first telecast in Pakistan on September 27, 2021. Within three months, all the 26 episodes were shot during which Yehali remained in Pakistan with her mother.

There are six main characters running through the teledrama where Yehali plays one of them. Yehali’s fans in Sri Lanka will soon be able to see her remarkable acting skills in the Pakistani drama since the drama will also be telecast in Sri Lanka as well.

Acting as a hobby

Yehali, motivated and guided by her parents, loves acting. She considers it her hobby. She said that wherever she goes, she is accompanied by her mother due to whose genuine efforts Yehali stands where she is today. She said, “My mother is my inseparable friend. I can share anything with my mother who is understanding; she is, of course, a good listener. I don’t find anybody as good, trusted and loving as much as my mother is. Ours is such a nice family with a protected nest.”

Yehali follows her dream of becoming an airhostess which she would consider her future career while simultaneously acting too being part of her life.

She enjoys learning different languages. She has studied French during her O/L’s while continuing it even in her A/L’s. Since she was 15, Yehali has been a popular figure in advertising.

She was born in the cool climes of the central capital, Kandy, as the younger of a family of two girls. Her older sibling is a human resource manager, educated in China. “International” and “Daam” are her breakthrough teledramas which are equally popular.

Yehali said that she is determined to pursue her studies while finding time for her acting and if given the chance, waiting to act on good scripts locally and internationally. Young, energetic and talented Yehali can be a source of inspiration for any youngsters who wish to try their luck in their desired field of selection.