Revellers and drunken drivers warned | Sunday Observer

Revellers and drunken drivers warned

19 December, 2021

With no travel restrictions and life, in general, returning to normal, the health authorities have expressed fears of a surge in road and home accidents this festive season due to drunken driving and lighting of fireworks.

National Coordinator Training of the Sri Lanka National Hospital, Ms Pushpa Ramya Zoysa said, “I agree that many people will now want to celebrate Christmas and the New Year on a grand scale since the country is returning to normalcy. But, it is important that they also pay attention to the basic safety regulations we have issued to the public on how to minimise the number of road and home accidents while at the same time maintaining health regulations due to the pandemic,” she told the Sunday Observer.

She said that according to recent data compiled at the Accident Service, most road accidents were caused by motorcyclists. “Most motorcyclists are young and like to take risks. So they drive recklessly and don’t observe road regulations,” she said.

As far as home accidents are concerned, she said that lighting fireworks that cause a lot of noise when they explode should be avoided. “If you want to light fireworks do so in a responsible way so that no one gets hurt,” she said. “Purchase only branded fireworks from a well-known company. Don’t let children light them. Even a sparkler can cause harm to a little child when held in the hand, she said. Burns follow the lighting of fireworks and immediate treatment is critical. “Douse the burned area in running tap water for at least twenty minutes to prevent further injury. Don’t bandage or use home remedies. Call the 1990 Ambulance service to get the person to hospital soon,” she added.