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The amazing box

9 January, 2022

In my parents’ bedroom I have a very shiny, pink box which is extremely big that it is probably the same size as a colossal elephant from Sri Lanka. One dark, spooky night the box started to glow as if there was a whole constellation of stars shining throughout the purple-blue galaxy in outer space while the fiery planet also known as the sun blazes with fire.


The message

I went to the box and quickly opened it but, I saw a huge, pink torch with giant red velvet letters.I knew my dad could read the writing so I asked him what it said. Dad said it reveals an extremely secret message.

“What is the secret message’’ I pondered. “I will explain that tomorrow morning’’ Dad said encouragingly. “Okay then, Good night.’’ I exclaimed.

The next morning when we woke up, dad said that the message said “for us to walk out of our house and turn right towards the cliff and then walk two metres from our house.

“You have reached the treasure chest. Start digging now to find out what the treasure is.’’ My mum and I were so excited that we were going to get our very first treasure. Dad said, if anyone was excited go and get the treasure chest.

Surprisingly, everyone’s hand shot up extremely fast. When we reached the place where the treasure chest was supposed to be, we started to dig, dig and dig.


The treasure chest

Then our shovels scraped on something hard,rough and rusty like a 2000-year-old brick. We pulled it out and saw that it was exactly what we were looking for: The treasure chest! It was covered in a colourful, sparkling coat of paint that shimmered and shone magnificently in the bright sun.

The sun sparkled upon the Sparkling Lake that seemed to be the closest lake. We were all wondering what was inside.

Dad opened the treasure chest carefully since the lid was so heavy.


Jewels and gems

When it was fully opened, we peeked inside and saw loads of magnificent jewels and gems glistening in the treasure chest.

We loved our treasure so much. We decided to place it in our bedroom and started celebrating what we found. After we celebrated our first treasure, we happily chatted about it.

At the end, we decided to make thousands and thousands of jewellery out of the marvellous gems and jewels we found in the treasure chest.

However, we made a decision that we would rather keep the most valuable gems and jewels for ourselves and sell the others so we would become extremely rich that we could buy a whole lot of new gems that cost much more than the gems we found in the treasure chest.

To sell the gems we put signs up near our house so people would come and buy the jewellery.

Before we sold them, we decided to polish the gems and chains for eighteen days so they would sparkle. After eighteen days passed, we started to sell them.

A crowd of people who were interested in buying the jewellery had come to our place to purchase them.

Once we had sold nearly all of them, we were exhausted and decided to have some refreshments.

After selling all of the jewellery, we had collected a great amount of money and we were so hrilled. We will never forget about this amazing adventure that turned out to be a surprising experience because it was full of gems and jewels.

The next day after breakfast we went straight to the shops and bought things that cost a small amount of money.

We were so happy that we did not have to work for many years and could choose anything we actually wanted. I believe that we also have enough money for a holiday. We we’re extremely happy that we were chosen to get the treasure.


Davina Piumi Jayaweera

Grade 2

St Peters Lutheran College