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The festival I like the most

9 January, 2022

People celebrate many religious festivals all over the world.

Some of them are Vesak Ramazan, Thai Pongal, Christmas, Deepavali and Poson.

But Christmas is the festival I like the most. This festival is celebrated by Christians. It is held on December 25 each year. On this special day, they commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Catholic people go to church for special services and prayers.

They wear new clothes on this special day. In each and every church they make a Christmas crib. Not only the Catholic people but other Christians too decorate their houses with colourful balloons, paper streamers and a decorated Christmas tree. People exchange food, gifts among each other. Some Christians make Christmas cake and have wine in their homes.

Christians give specially made food items and clothes to people who are in need. I think Christmas is a festival of peace.

J.M. Ashinshani Dhanusha Jayasundara

Grade 8D

K/Hemamali Girls’ College,