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My new hobby

9 January, 2022

I have a new hobby now. It is writing letters to my pen pals.

They are from many countries. Those countries are England, Wales, USA, India, Australia, Uganda, Canada and Scotland. My mother found these pen pals for me.

I have written many letters to my pen pals. I have received three letters from my pen pals so far. One is from England, one is from Wales and the other is from USA. When I receive a letter from my pen pal, I am very happy. Every day I wait until the postman arrives.

I learn new things like pod schools and cultures of different countries from my pen pals. It was a great pleasure having new friends during the lockdown period. It is a quite an interesting hobby. I love it very much.

Kemindu Jayathissa,

Grade 3,

Logos College,

Colombo 6.