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The power of kind words

9 January, 2022

In ancient India there was a great city named Thakshila and it was a famous centre of education. In this city lived a learned Brahmin and he had a calf named Nandivisala.
With time, Nandivisala grew up to be a strong bull. He loved the Brahmin who looked after him so well.
Now, Nandivisala thought ‘my master has looked after me well. I am young and strong. This is the best time to show my gratitude to him’.
The young bull went up to his master and said, “Master, go find a Brahmin who owns a dairy. Tell him that the strongest bull in town belongs to you. Say that your bull can draw a 100 carts at once. He probably will not believe this . Then, you hold a bet with him for a thousand gold coins that your bull can do it”.
The Brahmin asked, “Can you really do it Nandivisala”?
“Yes”, I can,” said Nandivisala proudly.
The bet
The Brahmin met a rich man and told him that his young bull could draw a hundred carts at once. The rich man did not believe him and held a bet with the Brahmin. A day was fixed for Nandivisala to draw the 100 carts.
The great day dawned and the Brahmin bathed his young bull and fed him well. He then brought Nandivisala to the field where he was to draw the 100 carts.
A large crowd had gathered to watch Nandivisala in action. They were all wondering how one bull could draw a 100 carts at once.
When he saw all this the Brahmin’s head got swollen with pride. He hitched Nandivisala to the first cart.
Everyone watched the Brahimin eagerly and he swelled with pride.
Harsh words
The Brahmin lifted a cane and shouted “Draw the carts, bull”. Draw the carts.”
Nandivisala could not believe his ears. His master had neve spoken to him so harshly.
Nandivisala did not budge an inch.
This angered the Brahmin and he shouted angrily.
“You foolish bull, draw the carts.”
Nandivisala did not budge and the people started laughing. The rich man also laughed.
The Brahmin lost the bet.
Sad and ashamed the Brahmin returned home. He did not want to talk to Nandivisala.
The young bull went to meet his master, “I know you are anger with me because I did not draw the carts.
I did not draw them because you yelled at me harshly. You have never spoken to me like this before”
The Brahmin realised the wrong he had done. The young bull spoke to his master again.
“Go and place another bet. I will make sure that you will win the bet this time. But remember not to talk to me harshly.
The Brahmin went and placed another bet.
The win
On the day of the contest he spoke kindly to Nandivisala.
He said, my child, Please pull all these carts at once and show these people how strong you are”.
Nandivisala pulled all 100 carts at one go. The Brahmin won the bet and got a thousand gold coins as the prize.