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Thai Pongal

9 January, 2022

Thai Pongal is a very important festival celebrated by Hindus throughout the world.

They celebrate the happiness of a good harvest. During this day they worship the Sun God for giving a good harvest.

According to the Tamil Salar calendar this is celebrated in the first month of the year which is known as Thai. Using the freshly harvested  rice they prepare a traditional food with milk and jaggery. It is called Pongal. The first part of this meal is offered to the Sun God. It is then offered to cows which helped them to get there harvest. The rest will be shared by the family.

During this day they decorate their homes with beautiful patterns called kolam. These were drawn by coloured rice based powder. In addition to this they decorate cows and their horns to show their gratitude.

This is traditionally celebrated on Janauary 14 every year by global Tamil communities inluding Sri Lanka’s Hindu devotees. .

Arunadi Peiris

Grade 6

 Visaka Vidyalaya