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A visit to Aluvihara

9 January, 2022

I knew about Aluvihara from our Grade 5 Buddhism book and I was curious to know what was there in Aluvihara. I told to my father that I want to visit Aluvihara.

He said, that we will go to visit during the Christmas season.

Recently, we did go to the Aluvihara temple.

We woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to the temple at about 5.30 in the morning. We went to an aunt’s home in Mawathagama for breakfast.

Next, we went to Matale via Kurunegala. From Kurunegala to Matale there was about 57 kilo -metres. There were many bends in the road.

Finally, we arrived at the temple.

At the entrance there were many stairs to climb to get to the temple. There were two huge rocks and a path in the middle.

When we explored more we found two ginormous rocks and a Buddha statue in the middle.

Next, we went to Balun Gaya. Inside it there were were being punished for not following the five precepts.

Then we went on to the top of a huge rock where we found the Chetiya. It was was so high that we could see many houses in the distance.

When we were walking down we found a gold plated bhikkhu statue.

We got down from the stairs and returned back home.

It was a memorable visit to Aluvihara.


Anuga Damsitha Weerasinghe,

Grade 5 A,

Springfield College,