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Appeal for help

9 January, 2022

Six-year-old Minuki of Anuradhapura is a Thalassemia patient. She is being regularly at the Regional Thalassaemia Prevention and Treatment Centre at the Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura. Her parents, Lanka Thilini and her husband, has been told; she needed to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

The family was relieved to find that Minuki’s sister was a match. With the first hurdle cleared, the family had to approach the hospitals to find the cost of they’re daughter’s cure. The answer they received left them stumped. Rs.6,000,000 was not a sum of money that they could afford. The family came from humble means, only enough to sustain the simple day-to-day needs. Raising such a sum was very much out of the question.

 With almost no other option left Thilini reached out to the good citizens of her homeland. She hopes that they will be able to treat their precious daughter before too much time has lapsed and her vital organs are compromised. Prof. Lallindra V. Gooneratne, Director of the Clinical Haematology and Bone Marrow transplant unit at Asiri Central hospital, is scheduled to carry out the operation once the funds are received.

Requesting the president’s fund for the required sum of money, the delay might cost Minuki the chance at a healthy life. 

Her mother reaches out to the hearts and goodwill of willing people who would help. Minuki is registered at the Anuradhapura Teaching hospital under AP 332 for anyone to verify her details. Her mother can be contacted via 071-9996766

Bank Account: W.G.M Lanka Thilini

Account No: 87399219

Swift Code: BCEYLKLX

Bank: Bank Of Ceylon (BOC)

Branch: Kekirawa