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Privilege to play for and against Ceylon’s best Mylvaganam

9 January, 2022

A Mylvaganam ended his illustrious hockey career as captain of Ceylon against the mighty Indian Olympic team and world champions who won the second unofficial Test in July 1960 at Police Park, Colombo 5-0.

It was a fitting farewell to Ceylon’s best player during his long career. Mylvaganam made his international debut also against India in 1947.

He also captained Ceylon’s South Indian tour of 1953 and North Indian tour of 1959.

Born in 1922, he was an ageless wonder, playing in the vital centre-half position in the 5-3-2-1 formation except in his last two matches.

It was an experience and privilege to have played alongside him as right-half and against him for the Burgher Recreation Club versus the Tamil Union C&AC in the 1950s and 1960s.

It is also a memorable coincidence that even older Leslie Claudius at the age of 42, retired after the Rome Olympics in 1960.

India beat Denmark 10-0, Holland 4-0, New Zealand 3-0, Australia 1-0 but lost in the final to Pakistan 0-1 at the 1960 Games.