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Seylan Bank reaffirms No.1 position in customer service

16 January, 2022
CEO Kapila Ariyaratne
CEO Kapila Ariyaratne

Seylan Bank PLC, has affirmed its position in the banking and Financial industry of Sri Lanka, as the Number One in Customer Service Excellence for the third consecutive year. 

The customer service excellence rankings were the outcome of a large online poll conducted during the third quarter of last year by LMD, in which customers voted for their top service brands in the country across eighteen sectors on customer satisfaction and perception of service quality.

Director and CEO of Seylan Bank, Kapila Ariyaratne, “It gives us great pleasure to be named as the No. 1 Bank in Sri Lanka for Customer Service Excellence three years in a row. Customer service excellence is essential in every sector and is a key attribute for any organisation.

“During the pandemic, ensuring excellence in service levels was truly a challenging task owing to limited physical interaction that was possible and restrictions imposed on mobility.

“Nevertheless, the Bank with a Heart drove business via a customer-centric approach, and our staff across the entire network went that extra mile as one, to ensure that all our customers and their requirements are reviewed and always taken care of,” he said.

Despite facing some of the most challenging times as a corporate, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Seylan family has been fully committed to serving its customers with service amplifications and upgrades, ensuring convenience and safety throughout the past two years.