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Let’s save animals

16 January, 2022

Animals are a part of our world, without them, I really don’t know how humans will survive. Animals are just like people but have a few differences. Animals can breathe, reproduce young ones, excrete (remove waste materials), grow and feel. They beautify nature as well.

They have a smaller brain than ours, but their actions make me think that they have a better brain than ours. We cut down trees and spoil our environment, but animals plant more and more trees by eating fruits and vegetables and excreting the seeds. Even though people say to keep the environment clean, they pollute it little by little. Animals are living things like us, and need freedom like us. You may see how people have locked up animals in cages, and would you like to be imprisoned too. So let’s protect animals for a happy life!

Malsha Lily Herath

Grade 6

Matale International School,