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My favourite jungle animal

16 January, 2022

There are many animals in the jungle such as elephants, tigers monkeys, lions and deer. There are so many beautiful birds too. From all these birds and animals my favourite animal is the tiger.

The tiger is a huge cat. The tiger has orange fur and black stripes. It has sharp claws. It is a fast animal. It is a carnivore. It is a good hunter. When the lion is hungry he goes to hunt. When someone steps onto its turf he is very angry. When he is walking among the trees in the night he is like a floating flame.

Baby tigers are called tiger cubs. When tigers are born they don’t have any stripes. When the cubs get scared they run to their mother.

I wish I had a tiger at home.

Senuri Aseka Abeysinghe Gunawardana,

Grade 3 D,

Methodist College