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A Girl and her pillow from Syria

16 January, 2022

The Earth has a different story each and every day, however the unfair treatment of children has ruled since the start. It’s no use pondering who must be pointed out for the mistake.

Child abuse, violence etc has gone too far in the society today, maybe it’s time to stand up for it rather than being lazy. We see the rise of many advocates, campaigns held on behalf of these innocent souls, yet it’s a must to have a well spread message.

Nevertheless, heartless adults make Earth a grave yard for them. Raging wars for their advantages, using labour from innocent hands, and fulfilling dreams through them, It’s heavily heartbreaking as to anyone with a heart, within the same remark it’s devastating to keep looking in such darkness. Ivine’s journey that I went through from the Official web page of UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund), is a young voice that pleaded for help whilst a war was raging in her country, Syria. Her story expresses the point “Every” not just “Some”.

Ivine is a Syrian Refugee currently living in Australia. Her grief was dubbed by her own voice and animated for a video by UNICEF, in the video she expresses her tragedy this way “I was very afraid, we were hiding in the living room. The streets were covered in pools of blood. I had to get into an inflatable boat that will have around 10 people, the risk of it falling and drowning is incredibly high. There were people screaming, crying all the time. I walked miles and miles on foot, and went to sleep hungry.

Some nights… almost every night, I had nightmares of those scenes, those days I hugged my Pillow and cried hard until it soaked wet. It made me really sad to think “Why is life so hard?” Ivine was thus recovered by necessary forces. She was sent to an orphanage in Australia. This young girl lost her childhood including her parents alongside her siblings for the causes of others. Her asking “Why is life so hard?” simply proceeds to break hearts besides her experience.

As a matter of fact there are millions of refugee children projected into unwanted traumatic experiences, with some being infants. Funny, the way Earth is actually regarded as a happy as well as safe place, when things such as this are going overboard.

Not many of us remember ‘Malak’ another war survivor who broke the internet with her cries. Within these cases, many observations of gender discrimination as well as sexual violence, or rather abuse is often noted. Most girls in their teens are subjected to these dark crimes, they get used for hate. Hate? Yes, I hate that they have nothing to do with. Decent girls and boys are taken hostage on a daily basis from the other side, while no one from this side looks into it.

When terrorism engulfed Syria, Ivine was just so small to refuse. She couldn’t help, but be traumatized with killings of her family by terrorists onsite her eyes. As said she fled with 2 more friends at the age of 10. Ivine had a wide imagination and ‘Pillow’ was her imaginary friend, who knew her story very well.

Besides war refugees, there are stories from child labourers consisting of unimaginable pain. Boureima’s tale is no exception for this category. He was just thirteen when he went to work in a gold mine, by these years he has become an expert in the situation.

“Every morning, when I wake up, I start working in the mine. During the day, I'm able to fill four to five sacks of stone for processing and I then sell the sacks and am able to make some money," says the boy. The task he himself faces is risky, that his life is under definite pressure, still “there wasn’t any food at home” which made him grab the rope, place the belt and dig deeper.


Hesitantly, due to poverty issues these youngsters are demanded to be thrown out of school. They work until their backs hurt, whereas a part of the world lives their best lives. Unfair indeed, for one quarter to go to school, learn and put forward a clear future as long as the remaining three quarters suffer a life of hell, alongside a destroyed upcoming future.

Child Labour isn’t actually a real deal for certain group of people that get their work done by these innocent sweet shed. But for Juvenile’s it is.

Large Factories are a part of the use of excessive child labour. Unknowingly we all may be using bags, shoes, books, clothes or even furniture that required the hard work of these children. However, within the expansion of new technology, child labour may have seemed to drift away, but the answer is no!

With the rise of Covid-19 pandemic, a surge in loss of jobs, deaths, and school closures occurred. In this period, thousands of children lost families plus shelter, providing them no option at all but to work for themselves. Unfairy tales of students from India and Bangladesh have been reported in the media.

Besides these Children are used for military, sale of organs, prostitution also pornography, which clearly is disturbing their private space that each human needs. With response to the pandemic these filthy crimes have seemed to be stopped unexpectedly making it a good thing Covid-19 did.

When it’s said that children are used, it means in any way. And Child Marriage is another ongoing crime that is faced frequently by girls in Asian countries like India or Pakistan. As soon as a girl enters puberty, she is set off to an arranged marriage with a male elder by 10 or even more years than her.

The utter thought of it is disgusting. I wouldn’t ever try to imagine, getting married by 14, having two children when you are 18 and running a household full of demands.

These sweet girls are supposed to be in school, to shape a future as a solid young lady whilst they are stuck with children of their own. The law in those countries never forbids it either.

According to databases from the web, a decrease of unwanted marriages can be seen. It’s only one out of five girls, but wait…doesn't that single girl deserve her life? Arranged marriages of young girls must be eradicated from society.

The subject of Children’s rights is a sensitive topic when considering the above information, nonetheless it’s a topic instantly argued even though neglected about. Consisting of an amazing history, the “Law of Children’s rights” is defined in the form “ The point were the law intersects a with Child’s life, providing care and guidance to children regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, identity of gender, nationality, religion, color and ethnicity to make the lives of juvenile easier.”

Children’s rights means the love, humanity that needs to be given to a typical child with certain difficulties. There are 12 main clauses assigned for children by UNICEF. Being up to point, many neglect the existence of these by vigorously ill treating Young generations. The abundance of wars, violence, and crimes has made the mindset of a child unapproachable completely. Exampling Ivine’s story, she knew nothing, but only bloodshed from her childhood. All it cost her was nothing but her family, her happiness. An impact on the society must be demanded from higher authorities to look more closely from horn rimmed glasses.

With reference to a report, there has been a rise of awareness campaigns, different organizations built in for working against these acts in the past near years. Although nothing much worked, it created a better environment. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala’s fund has helped girls from poverty back to school. Which regarded a movement in the sector of Women rights as well.

During the past decade a rise of helpful communities has been formed to help a hand to those that need it, among great examples are IBCR (International Bureau for Children’s Rights), PLAN International, World Vision etc. Working for child welfare. As Children should, they have ensured to stand up for themselves as well.

To be continued