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Dialog Enterprise partners TekSek

23 January, 2022

Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, has entered into a partnership with Cyber Security Works (CSW) and TekSek Cyber Security to bring the latest in world-class IT and OT security services to enterprises in Sri Lanka.

Evolving with the technological shift from the traditional Telco domain over the years while addressing the pressing need among local enterprises to place increased emphasis on safeguarding their operations in the wake of alarmingly intense cyber threats across the globe, Dialog Enterprise has made global security solutions providers conveniently and easily accessible to local enterprises, further complementing its robust cybersecurity portfolio and boosting its cloud and telecommunication infrastructure.

As the sales and marketing partner for Cyber Security Works in the Sri Lankan territory, TekSek specialises in identifying issues that represent the highest risk in IT infrastructure based on real-time threat intelligence. TekSek has changed the landscape of cybersecurity service delivery in Sri Lanka by going beyond providing the bare minimum to complete a regulatory checklist. Identifying the demands of their customers, TekSek & CSW provide solutions that not only improve security but also reduce the workload of security teams and maintain organisational agility.

“Risk-based vulnerability assessments have become critical as of late, specifically where the requirement exists for formal compliance with authoritative regulations in Sri Lanka,” said Group Chief Officer, Dialog Enterprise at Dialog Axiata,  Navin Pieris, adding “We have observed local institutions and enterprises being pushed to become more vigilant and to move towards globally recognised security providers in the wake of global cyber-attacks creating colossal damage to all parties involved.

“As such in the absence of a singular reliable service provider, Dialog Enterprise aims at addressing concerns and bridging the gaps between enterprises and globally recognised service providers to better secure local enterprise IT infrastructure,” he said.

Director of TekSek, Imesh Liyanage said, “Protecting data, keeping systems always-on and globally accessible is the mandate of all IT departments. Finding the optimal balance in technology and HR investments to achieve it has become a key profit driver and competitive edge.

Our clients in Sri Lanka have been able to leverage CSWs unique solutions to take on larger international competitors by providing their end customers a demonstrable assurance of security that meets or beats global standards. We are excited to partner with Dialog Enterprise to bring these benefits to a larger customer base.”

CSW’s Chairman and Co-founder Ram Movva said,  “We are delighted that TekSek is partnering with Dialog Enterprise. Our service offerings are rooted deep in our vulnerability research and CSW is also a CVE Numbering Authority that allows us to help MITRE in adding new vulnerabilities to the NVD.

“For over a decade, CSW’s services have strengthened the security posture of critical organisations all over the world, and through this partnership, we are sure TekSek will be bringing top-class security services to your enterprise’s doorstep,” he said.