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Digital Divide

23 January, 2022

Some people can use computers and have access to the internet while some people cannot.

This gap between the people who have and the people who do not have access to computer and internet facilities is called the Digital Divide.

Less knowledge and the lack of high end facilities for fixing things like cables and telephone wires can affect the Digital Divide In addition, people’s economic status or their income can also affect the Digital Divide.

The Digital Divide had a huge effect especially during the past year, because most of the children had to do their educational activities with online methods.

In Sri Lanka, some areas did not have enough mobile phone signals .

And in those areas it interrupted the communication epecially when phone calls were taken and when being connected to the Internet. It is said that if the technology develops more and more, the Digital Divide can be decreased in the next two decades.

Since we can see that the technology is developing day by day, there will be a day that the whole world has access to use computers and the Internet.


E . P. Senitha Rivinuka

Grade 10

Vidura College Colombo