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“Music is life” - Anjalee Methsara

23 January, 2022

Music has always been referred to as an art that is culturally universal. With an influential and a soulful voice, 18-year-old Anjalee Methsara Wickramasinghe has become famous, winning the hearts of thousands of people worldwide, due to her becoming the first runner-up in a popular reality show conducted by a local TV station.

Q: Anjalee, my heartiest congratulations to you on your new achievement. So, tell us about yourself?

A: Thank you for your wishes. I come from a very close-knit family where I live with my parents and my two sisters. I had my higher education at Seevali Central College, Ratnapura. I chose the Maths stream for my Advanced Levels, but am planning to change it to another convenient stream which will go hand-in-hand with my passion for music.

Q: What made you choose music?

A: Actually, I have been really passionate about music since my childhood and ever since my mother used to send in applications for singing competitions and reality TV shows. So, I think my mother was the one who helped me in creating the foundation to a better start in music.

Q: How did you get into reality TV shows?

A: I started my journey with Little Star Season 4 in the under-eight category in 2011. Like I said earlier, I think I was able to stand on that stage until the finals winning the title of ‘Most Talented Star’ only because of my mother.

Q: Would you like to recall the memories of Little Star?

A: I would love to. It was one of the most wonderful moments my life got to experience at such a little age. Those days I did not really had a big idea of what a competition is or that you have to win it. For me it was all about just singing and playing with the other kids. However, I was lucky enough to win the title of the Most Talented Star. Those were some of the beautiful days of my life that I would love to cherish.

Q: How did your life change after your achievement as a Little Star?

A: After that I think I experienced a certain level of fame, and there were so many opportunities lining up for me. And one such opportunity turned out to be lucky for me in the year of 2012, where I was fortunate enough to share the big screen with some of the great actors while being a part of the Sinhala Movie ‘Ho Gaanaa Pokuna’. It was a huge accomplishment for me. So far, the one and only movie I have been a part of.

Q: How was the experience as a child actor?

A: Acting is a different form of art. That opportunity was a great opportunity for me where it opened the doors to the acting industry. The audience saw me portraying the character of a blind girl; was a bit challenging, but loved every part of it. And also I got to meet and work with some of the best talents.Im really grateful for their love and support.

Q: In 2021, you became lucky enough to step on to the stage of Season 10 of the reality show. What was life on that stage like and what were your achievements?

A: Actually, life during the year changed for the betterment of ourselves. We had a great team; the crew members and the fellow contestants, we were always a perfect and a helpful group of friends. From the basics to the advanced, we were all taught how to mould ourselves into star personalities. Personally, I gained a lot of experiences throughout the journey from the auditions until the finals.

Q: And with all those experiences helping you mould your path forward, in 2022, luck shone upon you after a lot of hard work, being able to win the title of first runner-up of Season 10 of the reality show. How do you feel about your achievement?

A: I don’t think that words or anybody who was watching me would be able to describe the exact feeling I felt within that night. I really don’t know how to express that feeling. It was extreme happiness. At the same time, I was more happy to see the joy of the winner of the reality show. It was a beautiful moment.

For me, I think it’s always not about the title or the award, it’s the life lessons and experiences that matter. Whether I won or not, I’m still happy with what I have been able to achieve so far and I have already won in my life.

Q: You have come a long way; from the Anjalee who was a little star in 2011 until today, a first runner up and officially an artist in 2022. How have things changed for you in your life so far?

A: It is almost eleven years of a progressive journey of my life, from being a little star to a child actor to an official artist. They were all delightful moments in my life. Life has changed through various experiences and achievements within these years, but what I feel is that, now is the time to change my life.

Q: I’m sure you would love to regard each and everyone who were with you throughout your journey?

A: Yes, indeed. There have been a lot of people who have been with me all this while helping me reach my goals all this while. I received a lot of love from all over the world, not just locally, but internationally as well.

My neighbours were also there with me and my family. Mainly my mother and father for always being great pillars of strength from day one. They are the main reason for wherever I’m today. And a huge thanks to the entire team of TV Derana and Dream Star for always making us achieve the best and for always providing us the best platforms. I’m always and forever grateful for each one of them who loved and supported me unconditionally throughout.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I plan to build my career in the music industry while thinking of releasing some of my original albums for my fans who do not fail to love and support me with every step I take in my life. And I also have interests towards the acting industry, if I come across a good project, I would not miss that opportunity as well. As always, I promise to provide the best with whatever projects I be a part of to all my dear fans and loved ones.

Anjalee, we wish you all the best in everything you strive to do in your life...

Anjalee with family members

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