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Einstein of our time - Soborno Isaac Bari

23 January, 2022

We have heard about children with extraordinary talent and skill. Miraculously, some children can sing and dance by birth. Some children can solve Maths and physics problems at their young ages. Such children who are born with multiple extraordinary skills render a remarkable service for their motherland. This article is about such a kid born with extraordinary abilities.

Soborno Patek Bari better known as Isaac Bari is the youngest professor in the world. Born on April 9, 2012 in New York, Soborno Bari had his education at New York School. His father, Rashidul is a Mathematician. Mother is Shaheda Bari. Surprisingly, Soborno Bari was awarded the Global Child Prodigy Award in 2020.


Soborno Bari is a Bengali-American prodigy. In 2020 his parents moved to America, leaving their motherland Bangladesh. At the time when they lived in America, this little kid Soborno was born with incredible skills.

Soborno's father Rashidul used to call him Rifat in his childhood. Rashidul and Shaheda tied the knot on 10 June, 2002. They had to face many economic problems. They did not have money even to afford their meals. As noted by some journalists, they could not afford to eat three meals a day. Speaking of Soborno, he has gained global recognition by proving his inborn skills to the world.

Soborno Isaac Bari

Soborno, who was born with a god-given talent, can be said to be a national treasure to Bangladesh. When he was six months old, he began to speak, surprising his parents and family members. It was unthinkable for them.

But never had they thought that Soborno would be the brightest child in the world. When he was two years old, Soborno solved Maths,Physics and Chemistry problems like a PHD scholar. Everyone became curious of this little kid with an untainted smile. Soborno was interviewed at the Voice Of America and distinguished himself. Little Soborno was given the title of ' Isaac' after the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

Having identified Soborno's inborn skills, many professors and educationists invited him to many universities. For instance, he had received two letters from the Vice-Chanceller of Oxford University, Dr. Lourise Richardson and President Faust.

Soborno has already established himself as the youngest professor in the world. He has gained reputation from FBI directors, President of Stanford University, President of Pennsylvania University, German Chancellor, Secretary-General of the UN and many other personalities.

In addition to his academic achievements, Soborno Bari's hobbies are watching films, travelling and doing research. Are you not interested in knowing his favourite food? See whether yours are same or not. Soborno's favourite food are Chinese food and Biriyani.

Baris' message

As noted by Soborno, we all can be a Sir Issac Newton, if we can gain the right guidance and work hard.

Our children with extraordinary skills

No doubt that there are talented children with many skills in our country as well. Those who are in power should create a good atmosphere for our talented children living in far flung villages. Undoubtedly, it would be the best investment for the country's future.