A girl and her pillow from Syria - Part 2 | Sunday Observer

A girl and her pillow from Syria - Part 2

23 January, 2022

(Continued from last week…)

Today we see, groups formed consisting child leaders working for their own good. Nevertheless, it’s adults that need to consider to obey and give due respect to a child.

Maybe as you read you never had experienced those in your early days, but some may have, so it’s time to put away all the secrets you are hiding. Make it a part to celebrate your freedom by bringing those terrible nightmares out. These can help children get to know more, and make themselves a tighter self security.

I might not know about various opinions, UNICEF has actually done a whole lot of programs for every child in need, let it be anyone. And their support in the field lies perfectly tamed, made of stone.

The United Nations Children Fund looks into factors like Child Abuse, Child Labour etc, to eradicate these planted roots of the violence and tragedy on behalf of these sweet little souls. By far it’s impact can be highly penetrated into the society, with its influence on refugee camps, health centers, food distributions for malnutrition, and various other projects has been spreading with humanity growing day by day.

Unfortunately not they can work alone, the message should be raced rapidly towards the passionate youth to argue, resulting in the average justice of all child-kind.

The foundation of a house is strongly imposed, in the same way students must be taught regarding this topic to pass on awareness within the age groups.

As also the higher status holders of a country must learn to treat children with kindness to portray an example to the country. Ironically, everything doesn’t seem to fall in place, but trying will help.

So much regarded as tomorrow's future or hope youngsters suffer these immorality of crimes prevailing in today’s society. It’s hard for a simple child to walk the roads even at night alone. Let them play, let them eat, don’t destroy their unmade minds, don’t spoil their beautiful hearts.

Make it possible for them to look at the world through their imagination from their bright perspective. Teach them good, the good that should be shown, for what it is that they copy. Treat everyone kindly and fairly. You will meet someone blind, make his visual of the world colorful. Talk for the deaf, and hear for the mute. Every child is not the same, yes, and it shouldn’t be that way too, we must learn to cope with different people. She has money, but he doesn’t, then share with him what he doesn’t have. Make black the friend. It’s time to consider everyone the same, from different we become the same.

Ivine’s story has brought us far from violence, to change a world where things have gone wrong. Just like Ivine there are poor little children dying on the pavements, whereas others are working the dead meat off. Go to Afghanistan, you will see 16-year-old girls running a family as a mother instead going to school like the others. Saddening to think how much the world drastically moves over the track. Not only your child, see the another child playing with him as well.

Can you ask a child to “Dream with eyes open” were danger looms everywhere? Then, make a movement to clear it by making a different step towards it. Never celebrate Children’s day only on that day, buy them the freedom deserved everyday they aren’t you dutiful servants.

“There are two gifts to present a child; one is roots and the the other is wings”. Water this garden with support, love and kindness. Let them sing and dance freely, let them play and enjoy. Don’t underestimate the power reasoning at their age, they can do more than they show.

Finally learn to respect their ability and accept it because “Seven things every child needs to hear: I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I’m listening. This is your responsibility. You have what it takes to succeed” and for that “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” Results will show a history of what we sow, to what be reap or that one generation planted for the next to shade.

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”

May this be a dedication to all children living in the world from a girl at the end of her childhood.