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World swimming head visits Sri Lanka

28 March, 2022
Captain Hussain Al Musallam
Captain Hussain Al Musallam

President of FINA Captain Hussain Al Musallam who is now visiting Sri Lanka said that he will organise the services of a Chinese coach to train Sri Lankan swimmers for a period of three months.

He also told the swimmers that swimming is a sport for life and good health. He added that about 70 per cent of the globe is covered by water. "When someone gets injured the doctor will tell the patient to get into the swimming pool," he said.

Captain Hussain Al Musallam made a brief visit to the home of Killer Whale Swimming academy that is situated next to the CR & FC rugby club at Longdon Place on Friday afternoon.

“Another important thing is to have the responsibility to teach other children how to swim. If they don’t know how to swim they will have problems. After learning to swim they reach the first level,” noted Al Mussalam.

“After that we go to the next level. This is my plan not only for Sri Lanka but for all over the world. We had discussions with the National Olympic Committee to send some experts to work with the coaches and build up a national program. Not only to teach how to swim but to identify the talent also. That talent will go ahead with training and education. This will happen from next September,” stressed Al Mussalam.

“The other important thing I want to tell you is to enjoy the water. Everybody wants to swim to win a medal but this should not be the only objective. We need you to encourage your friends and neighbours to join the swimming program as FINA is now focussed on the development of the athletes,” said Al Mussalam.

These development programs were suspended for some time due to the covid but FINA is ready to resume the programs once again.