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1 May, 2022

Continued from last week

No sooner had he said, “I want to go home“, Aladdin was back home.

Aladdin was very hungry and wanted some dinner. He decided to sell the old lamp to get some money to buy dinner.

His mother said that the lamp looked very old and that she will clean it. She rubbed the lamp to clean it and there was a sudden puff of smoke and a genie appeared.

The genie of the lamp

“I am the genie of the lamp”. What is your wish”?

“I want some dinner”, said Aladdin.

At once a delicious dinner appeared on the table Aladdin ate hungrily.

Time passed and now, Aladdin was a rich man. Whenever he wanted something he would rub the lamp and the genie would appear. Aladdin would tell him what he needed and the genie would get it for him.

A beautiful princess

One day, Aladdin saw a beautiful princess and fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her.

When Aladdin told his mother about wanting to marry the princess she said, that they must visit the king. Aladdin and his mother went to see the king/ They took some of the jewels Aladdin had brought from the garden as gifts for the king.

The king gave his permission for Aladdin to marry the beautiful princess. Aladdin and the princess had a grand wedding. Aladdin wished for a big house and the genie got him a geautiful mansion. After the wedding, Aladdin and the princess lived in the beautiful mansion.

The wicked magician

Time passed and one day the wicked magician came back to Aladdin’s home town. He saw that Aladdin was a rich man.

The magician realised that Aladdin’s success and wealth was because of the lamp and he vowed to get the lamp for himself.

He bided his time and one day when Aladdin was not at home, the magician went to his house. When he knocked on the door, the princess came to the door.

“A new lamp for an old lamp”, said the magician and offered to change his new lamp for Aladdin’s old lamp. The princess gladly agreed to the exchange; happy that Aladdin would get a new lamp for his old one.

As soon as the magician got Aladdin’s old lamp , he rubbed it and the genie appeared. "Make Aladdin’s house disappear”, said the wicked magician, The genie promptly made Aladdin’s house disappear. The princess too disappeared with it.

When Aladdin returned home he was shocked and angry to find that his house and the princess had disappeared.

The king too was angry and told Aladdin to get the princess back as fast as he could.

The genie of the ring

Aladdin rubbed the magic ring on his finger and the genie of the ring appeared. “ Take me to the princess” said Aladdin and at once he found himself with the princess. ‘The old lamp is a magic one and we must get it back “ Aladdin told the princess.

Aladdin and the princess decided to make dinner for the magician that night. Aladdin gave the princess a powder to put into the magician’s dinner. As soon as the magician ate his dinner he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and the genie of the lamp appeared.Take us home”, said, Aladdin.

In an instant, Aladdin and the princess were back in their beautiful mansion and they lived happily everafter.