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Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara

1 May, 2022

Christopher William Wijekoon Kannangara was his full name. He was born on October 13, in 1884. He was born in a village called Randomba near Ambalangoda. He lost his mother at the age of six and his step-mother took care of him.

He received his primary education at Randombe Wesley College which was a Missionary school. He had many talents in his childhood. At a prize-giving of the school, he got many prizes from the chief guest, Rev. J.H. Darel, the Principal of Richmond College.

When Kannangara was 14 years old, he won a scholarship to Richmond College.

He received free board and lodging facilities for education. He focused attention on his education, but he didn’t expect any special privileges. He had to face tough experiences during his schooling.

He got maximum marks in a mathematics exam at the Cambridge Senior Exam in 1903. He was the leader of the school cricket team and was a member of the football team.

He was a famous actor and a debator at the school. He served as a teacher in Richmond College. He was a clever student.

He studied law when he was teaching at Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa.

He joined the legal profession in 1910. In 1923, he became a member of the State Council representing the Galle District. He was re-elected as a member of the State Legislative Council and was the president of the Sri Lanka Jatika Sangamaya. He was the President of the Executive Committee. He became the Minister of Education in 1931. He established free education for children and he treated patients well.

We must never forget him.


Hirun Manusha Ranasinghe,

Grade 6,

Sussex College, Gampaha.