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History of airplanes influenced my ambition

1 May, 2022

At present, if you hear the word ‘airplane’ you will remember the big aeroplanes at the airport. But do you know the ‘History of airplanes’? Well, let me tell you about it. In Sri Lankan history king ‘Rawana’ built the first airplane called the Dadu Monaraya. It was the beginning of airplane construction.

The people in China built kites to fly people. The people got this concept from the birds. Then scientists built machines for various purposes. The Wright brothers were the first in the world to build an aircraft with an engine.

Later, many people in the world started to build various airplanes. During the Second World-War airplanes were very useful. With the development of technology, people created airplanes with more facilities. Some examples are that Ukraine built the largest airplane on Earth and the Americans built the fastest airplanes, and the best stealth mode airplane was made by Americans too.

At present, we use airplanes not only for wars but for transportation and even for demonstrations. In aeronautical engineering, we get knowledge about airplanes. Many governments have built museums for airplanes. People can gain knowledge about airplanes from them.

I got this information by talking to one of my mother’s friends who is an aircraft engineer. Thereafter,

I searched for more information on the subject. That inspired my ambition to become an aircraft engineer one day.


Chanuka Ranod Senevirathna Abeydiwakara

6 H

Rahula College,