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Smart metal humans

1 May, 2022

You must be wondering who are smart metal humans. Well...; it’s none other than robots. The world had carried out new experiments and found new innovations by youth. Thus, the world found another smart human species made of metals. Robots are used in different spheres. Robots are used in the manufacture of cars, in the medical field, in the agricultural sector and several other fields.

The main types of robots are , humanoid robot, nano robotics, and domestic robots.

Steel, cast iron, and aluminium are used as raw materials in manufacturing robots. There are many advantages. But on the other hand, there are many disadvantages too such as robots not having emotions, and requiring constant power. We must be smart enough to make use of only the good side. But, thanks to robots, people’s lives have become more efficient and easy.


Minul Nimnadh Kurukuladithya

Grade - 8

Vidura National School