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Stop cutting trees

1 May, 2022

In ancient times, our ancestors maintained a good relationship

with plants and trees around them. With time, this relationship was destroyed due to many reasons. But it is our duty to re-build this relationship with nature. Therefore, we must observe, recognise and protect the valuable plants and trees in our surroundings.

Trees provide us with oxygen. An acre of trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people for a year. Also, trees purify the air.

They absorb odours and pollutant gases in the environment.

Different parts of trees are used in herbal medicines. Trees protect the soil from erosion and landslides. They provide shade and keep the temperature cool. Trees bring beauty to our environment.

Similarly,, trees are very essential. Why can’t people realise these things? People need to know these things about trees.

If we cut trees further the Earth will be burnt by the sun’s powerful rays. Within the next 10 years, the Earth will became 4 degrees hotter than now. Himalayan glaciers are melting at a rapid rate, therefore, all of us must lend our hand to fight global warming. Plant more trees, don’t waste water. Don’t use or burn plastics. Let’s stop cutting trees!


K. Wenuka Methusara Isumjith,

Highbrow College, Gorakana, Panadura.