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The day I fell off my bicycle

8 May, 2022

I love to ride bicycles. It is one of my hobbies. One day I was riding my elder brother’s bicycle near my

house. I was riding very fast. Then I couldn’t stop when there was a sharp turn. There was a rock and I

lost my balance. I fell suddenly to the ground with my bicycle on top of me. And I felt a sharp pain on my

upper left side of the stomach.

There was a person near me and he picked me up and brought me home.

I cried loudly and my mother took me to the hospital. At the hospital they did a scan. They found out that there was a cut in my liver.

They did another scan and the doctor said I had internal bleeding. I was admitted to the intensive care unit. I was there for eight days and then in the ward for another five days.

My mother was beside me all the time feeding, cleaning and loving me. I will never forget those days for ever.

Sasindu Prabhashwara


Grade 3

Royal college

Colombo 7