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If I become an astronaut

8 May, 2022

If I become an astronaut, I would be very happy because it is my childhood dream. Becoming an astronaut is very difficult. We have to face some very difficult exams and complete an astronaut’s course at NASA. It is also necessary to know three or four languages as many people come from different countries and speak different languages. Fluency in English is essential as many books and papers as well as other material are in English.

What I like to do most are investigations about the solar system and aliens as I am very interested in them.

If I become an astronaut, I would like to go to the International Space Station (ISS). There are many astronauts doing difficult investigations and experiments about the solar system, galaxies, asteroids and other subjects. They have a big responsibility towards our planet. Some astronauts are learning how to make a space shuttle. It is hard work. They will take the space shuttle to the moon and other planets.

Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon in 1969. That was the first step in our space travel.

Now, America, Russia and China are conducting many investigations about space. They make expensive satellites and send them to space. Some satellites have ultra-modern cameras and they capture important subjects and happenings.


D.D. Arnya Gayathri Roshell

Grade 8

Newstead Girls’ College