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Pancha learns a lesson from an eagle

8 May, 2022

There was a bad little boy called Pancha in a remote village. He was living with his grandfather. Pancha refused to attend school and went into the forest nearby with his catapult. Grandfather could not change his ways.


Pancha killed birds with his catapult and brought them home to remove their feathers. He had a huge bag full of feathers. The parents of the birds killed by Pancha complained to grandfather that they were no longer safe in the forest.


Grandfather warned Pancha several times but he did not listen to him and continued with his feather collection. All the birds got together and decided to meet the eagle.

The eagle

The eagle listened to their complaint and promised to take action against Pancha immediately. One day, Pancha went into the forest with his catapult and saw a huge bird perched on a tree. He had never seen such a big bird with beautiful feathers. He aimed his catapult and shot a pebble but it missed the target. He repeated his exercise several times but the eagle could not be killed.

After some time the eagle came down swiftly and carried Pancha with his claws.

The eagle’s nest

He flew to his large nest on a rock and dropped Pancha into it. The eaglets began to attack him and Pancha began to cry aloud.

Then the eaglets asked him why he was crying.

Pancha said he wanted to go home as his grandfather was living alone.

They pleaded with their father to release Pancha. However, the eagle said, “I’ll release you on one condition. You have to give an undertaking that you will never kill any birds.

And you should attend school and try to be a good boy.”

“I promise to do so,” Pancha said. “Could you please take me back to my grandfather?”

Teach him a lesson

The eagle lost no time in taking the boy with his claws and flew back to Pancha’s grandfather’s house. When the eagle dropped him at home, grandfather was surprised to see the eagle.

“Don’t be surprised, I took Pancha away to teach him a lesson. I could have killed him and eaten his flesh, but we have certain principles.

We don’t harm innocent people.

Anyway you have to send Pancha to school. Otherwise he will start killing innocent birds and collecttheir feathers. And don’t allow him to play with his catapult”.

The eagle flew away and grandfather took Pancha to the village school.

While he was studying at school grandfather kept himself busy with carving an eagle from wood.

After a few days he gave the wooden eagle to Pancha as a gift. Pancha and grandfather lived there for many years.

Birds came to his house every day and sang their beautiful songs.