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Prime Group crowned ‘Most Valuable Real Estate Consumer Brand’

15 May, 2022
Co-Chairperson Sandamini Perera
Co-Chairperson Sandamini Perera

Prime Lands Residencies PLC has been ranked the most valuable real estate brand in Sri Lanka for the year 2021 by Brand Finance – in LMD’s brands annual guide to Sri Lanka’s most valuable brands. The theme for the year was ‘Comfort Amid Volatility’.

“We are honoured with this endorsement of the Prime Group as a household Brand,” said Co-Chairperson of the Prime Group, Sandamini Perera. “We stand firm in our commitment to contributing towards making Sri Lanka a strong economy with the highest standards in real estate.”

“We’re humbled to be the leading real estate consumer brand in Sri Lanka, and recognised as ‘The Best of The Best’ and most valuable consumer brands in the country,” said Perera.

 Chairman of Brand Finance Lanka, Ruchi Gunewardene said,

“Despite expectations that the pandemic would wane, 2021 was no different to the previous year – the multitude of challenges continued to affect us all. This has put enormous stress on businesses, brands, the economy and consumer purchasing power, in particular.

“The 2021 analysis of brands has been carried out in the context of this volatile background and economic upheaval. How brands adapt to evolving external factors is paramount to business sustainability,” he said.

Prime Group has ongoing and completed projects with a portfolio of over 30 individual housing projects, land projects spread across 18 districts in the country and over 43  apartment projects in Colombo and the suburbs.