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Letters to explore...

22 May, 2022

What fate awaits a village girl who enters a prestigious college in Colombo? Dr. Mayondi Manjula Samaraweera takes us on a roller coaster ride in her latest book, Dearest Dilu. Written in the form of a series of letters to a friend named Dilu, the author describes her life at upper school.

A Dental Surgeon by profession, Samaraweera has been a freelance writer since she was a student at Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo 8. This is the fourth book by Samaraweera, the first three being Daddy, the Born Teacher (2018), Daddy, My Thoughts Run Riot (2019) and Daddy and All Other Souls (2019).

These books revolve around the real-life experiences of the writer, who has a humorous outlook on life. Dearest Dilu is now available at Sarasavi Bookshop.