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My mother

22 May, 2022

A mother is the best human in the world. She gives birth to us and feeds us milk. She loves us very much and guides us on the right path in life.

As for my mother, she starts her duties from early morning and works till we go to bed.

Mothers perform all their duties throughout the day even if they are tired.

We should obey our mothers and treat them with respect. Our mothers scold us when we do wrong.

My mother gives much thought to maintaining discipline. She encourages us to work hard at everything.

Mothers feel so happy when their children are happy. If their children are unhappy they can never be happy. If we get sick or are in any trouble, she helps us to overcome it.

My mother cooks all my favourite food to make me happy. She helps me in my school work. My mother discusses with us before taking any decisions. She shares her old stories with us.

We should celebrate everyday as Mother’s Day. For every child, their mother is the most precious gift in their life. We should love our mothers and keep them always happy.

I love my mother very much and always include her in my prayers.

Hana Zahir Hussain

Grade 5-A

Hill Country International School