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Our Mother Earth

22 May, 2022

The floor on which we live is the Earth. It is the only planet on which any human being can live. The Earth is composed hydrogen and silicon. The water and air on Earth make it possible for it to sustain life.

The Earth is made of rocks and came into existence billions of years ago. However, seventy percent of the surface of the Earth is covered by water which we see as the ocean, sea and rivers and the remaining thirty percent is covered by land.

Like the other planets the Earth also moves around the sun in a fixed way and it is called the orbit. It takes 364 days and six hours to complete a round around the sun, which we count as a year.

The Earth also rotates on its own axis from east to west and completes a rotation in 24 hours which we call a completed day.

In that rotation, some of the places on Earth face the sun, and other places get hidden from the sun alternatively. This is how we experience day and night.

The Earth is made up of three layers. They are the core, the mantle and crust. The centre layer is called the core which is generally very hot. The outer layer is called the crust and in between the core and the crust is the middle layer known as the mantle.

We live on the outer layer named crust which is made of rocks. Now, humans have started to pollute the Earth and the environment. Environmental pollution, directly and indirectly affects the lives of humans and other species.

These living beings matured on the Earth for centuries. Besides, it also affects air, soil, food, land, water, the body system, and internal body parts.

We must stop polluting our Mother Earth. It is our duty to protect this Earth for our future generations as well as our ancestors did.

“Stop environment pollution and save the Earth”

Vinuji Kurukulasuriya

Grade 9

MR/Sujatha Vidyalaya