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The Snow Queen – Part 11

22 May, 2022

The crow showed Gerda the way to the castle. The large front door was wide open and Gerda walked into the castle. There were many beautiful rooms. Gerda came to a magnificent bedroom. The prince and princess were asleep on two beds shaped like lilies growing on a golden stalk.

But the prince was not Kay.

Gerda gets help

When they woke up the prince and princess were surprised to see Gerda and asked her about herself. Gerda told them about her search for Kay.

The prince and princess were kind and helped Gerda. They gave Gerda warm clothes and a nce coach. Gerda thanked them and went on her way.

Gerda had to go through a thick and large forest.

The little robber girl

A gang of fierce traders lived here. When the robbers saw the beautiful carriage they thought that a princess was riding in it. They stopped the carriage and pulled Gerda out. When they found that Gerda was not a princess they were very angry but a little robber girl said.” Don’t harm her. I want her to be my friend’.

The robbers let Gerda be and she stayed wirh rhe little robber girl.

Gerda asked her new friend about Kay and she said that Kay was at the Snow Queen’s Castle in the far North.

To the ice castle

The little robber girl gave Gerda her favourite reindeer to go to the Snow Queen’s castle.

The reindeer sped through snow fields and dense snow covered forests where wolves howled and ravens croaked. Finally, they came within sight of the Snow Queen’s magnificent ice palace in the far North.

Nasty creatures vs angels

The reindeer set Gerda down and she thanked and kissed him goodbye. He licked her face and left quickly to go to his little mistress, the robber girl.

Gerda ran towards the ive castle but suddenly, the snowflakes which were falling all round turned into nasty creatures and tried tp attack her.

Some were like ugly snakes and others were like amgry porcupines.

Poor Gerda was terrified and she did the only thing she could do.

She prayed and her breath turned into an army of angels who drove away the nasty creatures using their spears They ran away and crumbled into little pieces.

To be continued