ECSL’s proposals for free and fair polls - IRES | Sunday Observer

ECSL’s proposals for free and fair polls - IRES

22 May, 2022

The Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Reforms and Electoral Studies (IRES) Manjula Gajanayake said that at a discussion held on Wednesday, the Election Commission of Sri Lanka (ECSL) had indicated that it would be proposing an action plan to address current issues before the next election may it be Parliamentary, Provincial Council or Local Government,

Pledging his fullest support, Gajanayake said that if adopted the suggestions would set the base for the conduct of a free and fair election with integrity.

He added that with the backing of all civil society organisations including election observation missions and other stake holders, the ECSL’s proposals could be implemented within the next six months.

Gajanayake said that the ECSL had proposed that a new legal mechanism is introduced to regulate campaign finance, a fair political representation of women and youth at all elections is ensured, new laws and methods are introduced to establish a recalling process and to establish an advance voting system.

Gajanayaka said that observing the events that took place in Parliament a few days ago where political parties could not even reach a consensus when electing a Deputy Speaker, it would be in the best interest of the Nation that an election is held as soon as possible and a stable Government is formed.