Pope Francis canonises 10 new saints of the Catholic Church | Sunday Observer

Pope Francis canonises 10 new saints of the Catholic Church

22 May, 2022

Pope Francis on Sunday recognised 10 new saints of the Catholic Church during a canonisation Mass at St. Peter’s Square.

It was the church’s first canonisation since that of St. John Henry Newman and four others in October 2019.

Religious men and women, priests, and a layman are among the 10 people who are recognised to be in Heaven after living lives of exemplary holiness on earth.

“Holiness does not consist of a few heroic gestures, but of many small acts of daily love,” Pope Francis said during his homily on May 15, a sunny, warm day in Rome.

The Holy Mass began with the rite of canonisation, which included the reading of short biographies of each blessed, read by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

He said: “For the honour of the Blessed Trinity, the exaltation of the Catholic faith and the increase of the Christian life, by the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and our own, after due deliberation and frequent prayer for divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother bishops, we declare and define Blessed Titus Brandsma, Lazarus known of Davasahayam, Cesar de Bus, Luigi Maria Palazzolo, Giustino Maria Russolillo, Charles de Foucauld, Marie Rivier, Maria Francesca di Gesu Rubatto, Maria di Gesu Santocanale, and Maria Domenica Mantovani to be Saints and we enroll them among the Saints, decreeing that they are to be venerated as such by the whole Church. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

“To serve the Gospel and our brothers and sisters, to offer our lives without expecting anything in return, or any worldly glory: this is our calling. That was how our fellow travellers canonised today lived their holiness,” Pope Francis said.

“By embracing with enthusiasm their vocation – some as a priest, others as a consecrated woman, as a lay person – they devoted their lives to the Gospel,” he said. “They discovered an incomparable joy and they became brilliant reflections of the Lord of history. For that is what a Saints is: a luminous reflection of the Lord of history.”

“May we strive to do the same – the path of holiness is not barred; it is universal and it begins with baptism. It is not barred. May we strive to follow it, for each of us is called to holiness, to a form of holiness all our own,” he added.

The Canonisation Mass was attended by an estimated 45,000 people, many of whom travelled from outside Italy.

Pope Francis encouraged Catholic Christians to imitate the example of the Saints.

It is good to see that, with their evangelical witness, these Saints have fostered the spiritual and social growth of their respective nations and also of the entire human family,” the Pope said. “While sadly in the world distances grow, and tensions and wars increase, may the new Saints inspire solutions of togetherness and ways of dialogue, especially in the hearts and minds of those who hold positions of great responsibility and are called upon to be agents of peace, not war.”

“And now, let us turn to the Virgin Mary, so that she may help us joyfully imitate the example of the new Saints,” said Pope Francis. – Courtesy: Messenger