Surreal art exhibition concludes today | Sunday Observer

Surreal art exhibition concludes today

29 May, 2022

Ayoung upcoming artist, Nishitha Wanigasuriya who was born in 2001, a surrealist, has been motivated by contemporary and historic events.

His style is mostly ink on paper and he was awed by artist Salvador Dali’s works and created a style of his own inspired by surrealism. He started his art journey as a wildlife artist and changed his path to draw pet portraits, creating a unique concept.

He earlier worked as an art teacher at Royal Institute and at present he works for ‘9hermits’ - a crypto and games company , as a Junior concept artist.

His unique thinking patterns and his sensation for art as a young upcoming artist, will make him a remarkable artist in the future.

His first solo two-day exhibition at the Gallery FourLife ends at 5 p.m. today.