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The frightening parrot

12 June, 2022

One evening, I was sitting in my room beside the open window, reading a good frightening mystery story. After some time it became dark. It was too hard to read. So, I put my book down and got up to switch on the light. I was just about to draw the curtains.

I heard a loud cry. It was “Help Help”. It seemed to come from the trees at the end of the garden. I looked at my garden but it was too dark and the view wasn’t clear also. Then, I heard the same cry again. It sounded like a child.

I couldn’t imagine how someone who needs help was in my garden, unless one of the boys of the neighbourhood had climbed a tree and couldn’t get down.

However, I decided to have a look to see if someone needs any help. I took the electric torch and a strong walking stick thinking it might be useful.

I went into the garden. I heard the same cry again. There was no doubt it came from the trees at the end of the garden. “Who is there?” I called out while walking. But there was no answer. I examined the whole garden and the lower branches of trees, but there was no sign of anybody or anything. Then, I wondered whether someone was playing a silly joke on me.

Still feeling rather pazzeled, I went to my house and put away the torch and the walking stick.

I had just sat down and begun to read the book. when I heard the same cry again. But this time it was behind my shoulders. I dropped my book and jumped up.

It was a large green and red bird sitting on my cupboard. It was a parrot! While I was out in the garden it must have flown into my room using the light. I got really scared but it was a great experience for me.

Yusuf Shehar

Grade 10

Royal College

Colombo 07.